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08 Jan Marketing Services

iChurch Websites – Custom WordPress Websites

iChurch Marketing use professional WordPress developers to build great looking modern websites. WordPress makes it easy to be Google-compatible and beautiful at the same time. Our team of developers excel at making the best sites for the best price. With an almost unlimited supply of design templates available almost any site layout is available. Let us get creative to design the perfect look and feel for your needs.

iChurch Marketing focuses on providing professional websites to churches and religious organizations.
Anything is possible for your unique design, but these are some of the standard features included in each website we build:

  • About Us (who we are)
  • Contact Us (where we are)
  • Online Giving (how to support)
  • Leader’s Blog (how we think)
  • Online Media (how we communicate)


iChurch Hosting – Website Hosting & Email Support

We employ only premium web hosting with international servers to meet the demands of our clients. We also use the best anti-hacker software to warn of potential threats to our hosted sites. We receive weekly reporting on each website we host to insure that the sites are safe.

All WordPress sites are managed and software is kept up-to-date to prevent any potential breech in security and optimum functionality. If you are looking for a web hosting service that will keep your site confidently hosted with 100% uptime, then iChurch Hosting is what you need.

iChurch Training – Social Media and SEO Training

Just owning a website is not enough to be noticed in the current online age we live. Most people no longer go to websites using the given domain name, but most use Google to locate the desired website or location. This has made the use of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) a critical necessity. iChurch Training is a commonsense approach to the complicated world of SEO. In just a few weeks you can become a well-versed website owner and be on the right path to a Google-Optimized website and increased traffic flow.

Facebook has become a regular part of many American’s daily lives, and has become a great place for successful advertising and marketing. iChurch Training will help you understand the basics of advertising with Facebook and help you use it to convert “Likes” into website traffic.

iChurch Training offers a four-week online course to learn the basics of social media integration to the website, SEO techniques, paid campaigns, online public relations, and original content creation.

This course is conducted via the internet so you attend anywhere you have internet access, on any internet-connected device (ie. iPad, iPhone, Android, PC, or Mac)

iChurch Art- Logo and Marketing Concepts

If you want a professional design that you can be excited to use on everything from your website and mail-campaigns to mugs and pens, then iChurch Marketing can help you. We specialize in custom designs that make you happy. If you are not 100% satisfied we will continue to work until you are.

We are able to design the following:

  • Church and Corporate Logos
  • Mass-mail Campaigns
  • Social Media Headers & Campaigns
  • Flyers & Posters
  • Social Media connected Landing Pages
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